Portrait du photographe Vivien Malagnat en soirée

The mastery of the material, the technique and the quality of the shooting are of course a very important part of the job. But without a dose of creativity the photo can be aesthetic, but remain without soul. The creative aspect is essential for me. I like above all to tell a story through my photos. And I am always looking for new ideas.

Mariés qui fume le cigare avec ses témoins en soirée au chateau de Laplaud



Super curious and a bit of a dreamer, I am above all a creative person in permanent search of authenticity and emotions. I like to tell stories through my photos. When I was younger, I imagined myself as a journalist. As I grew up, I realized that the most beautiful stories were not in newspapers, but in "real" life. In those of the people I meet every day in my job and who allow me to share and document their adventures.

Vivien Malagnat pris en photo avec des invités en soirée de mariage

A pop culture lover

accompanied by his cat "Fumble" to process your photos.

Beyond photography, I'm a fan of genre movies, video games, role playing games and music. I'm thrilled by the latest Dune or Interstellar (in VO!) and I'm watching Snatch again to show it to friends. I process your photos while listening to Woodkid, Arctic Monkeys and Portishead before taking a break with, at the moment, Elden ring. I love Schweppes, sushi, raclette, meals with friends and Belgian white beers with a touch of lime. Then to eliminate it will be Crossfit and especially Wakeboard in summer.

Dessin du bureau du  photographe vivien malagnat
Mannequin à Mykonos joue avec des voiles blanc

Limoges, Oléron, Valence, Majorque, la Guadeloupe, Séoul, Écosse, Mykonos.

let's go !