Photographer & filmmaker in Limoges

My name is Vivien and I like to tell stories.

Freelance photographer and videographer since 2016, born in Limoges, I am a kind of "jack-of-all-trades": with my knowledge of music (piano and bass), a lover of theatre and cinema, as crossfiter and an assumed geek, I feed my job with all these sources of inspirations.

As natural dreamer and very curious, I am, above all, a creative person in constant search of authenticity and emotions. What I like is telling stories through my photos. When I was young, I imagined myself as a journalist. As I grew up, I realized that the most beautiful stories were not in the newspapers, but in "real" life. In the one of those I meet on a daily basis and in my job, and who allow me to share their adventures in photos.

My speciality: wedding photography. And also the boudoir, couple and family photos. My credo: to seize the singular moment! I also work with companies (portraits, event coverage) and local authorities (photos to illustrate articles, photo reports and videos).


For me, photography goes far beyond clicks and framing on cameras. The mastery of the equipment, the technique and the quality of the shooting are of course a very important part of the job. But without a good dose of creativity, photography can be aesthetic, but it can remain soulless. The creative aspect is essential for me. Above all, I like to tell a story through my photos, and I am constantly looking for new ideas.


I like to create natural, simple and modern images.
they are snapshots of life, they capture the moment, as it is experienced, without any pre-established scenario or studied pose. For me, a beautiful picture is above all a sincere picture, a picture in which a person expresses himself through his emotions. I like to show life. I take pictures of people who move, who live the moment, the event. Of course, these photos are not always technically perfect, but they have a meaning, they leave a strong memory, whether the circumstance is sad or joyful. I want those who look at these pictures to understand what happened at that time.


I find them a lot on the Internet. I follow the work of great Frenchs and internationals photographers who "speak" to me, especially in terms of places and atmospheres. I like pictures showing large expanses, firs, forests, lakes, wind, mist, shade and textures. I am very inspired by the typical landscapes of northern Europe, Scotland or Norway, and by the authenticity, which I try to transcribe in my own photos.