To please and be pleased through the image

Perhaps you would like to give your partner a gift, a gift to please him/her and seduce him/her through "glamorous" shots that sublimate you and reveal your sensuality. Perhaps you also want to enjoy a special moment with yourself. A moment to please yourself, you (re)discover, forget your complexes, reconcile with yourself, feel beautiful/beautiful and good in your body, regain self-confidence. Perhaps it is still a question of taking up a challenge and surprising yourself, by ignoring conventions and prejudices, by desecrating the "naked", by daring to show yourself without artifice and by expressing yourself in complete freedom. So get started, and come and do a boudoir photo shoot!


How I work in boudoir photography. Again, I do not photograph a model who knows how to pose, but an “ordinary” – and yet unique – person who surrenders herself/himself and who expects me to magnify her/him. In this way, I take the time to get to know her/him, to know her/his tastes, fears and expectations. For me, it is essential to know how to listen to her/him and communicate with her/his, to build her/him confidence, to reassure her/him, to help her/him. The more relaxed she/he is, the more she/he will express in front of the lens what she/he feels deep inside herself, and the more the photos will reflect her/his emotions.

photo de boudoir par vivien malagnat

During the shooting, I guide, I orient, but under no circumstances do I direct. Nothing is imposed, and there is very little staging or posing. I really see the session as a pleasant moment of sharing between the “model” who lets her/his feelings go and the photographer who knows how to capture them at the right time and in the best possible way. This is the key to getting spontaneous photos that look like her/him.

Technically, I don’t touch up my photos very much, just the bare essentials so that they are aesthetic… and above all authentic.

photographie de boudoir à limoges avec Aurelie

Where and how does the session take place?
I prefer that the photo session take place in the home of the person I am photographing, in her/his “nest”. First, to make her/him feel comfortable in an environment she/he knows and appreciates, which is her/his own, the one he/she created herself. And because “decoration” is also part of the shooting.

Photographie de boudoir par Vivien Malagnat

Just as I do not organize boudoir sessions in prestigious places, I do not use make-up artists and hair stylists either. I can advise, if asked, but I still prefer the natural. For women, no heavy make-up (like the “big smoky” fashion photo type) or sophisticated hairstyle (tight and lacquered bridal bridal bun style). The most important thing is that my model feels in agreement with the person he or she is every day, free to move and express himself or herself!

My ethics as a boudoir photographer :

Réaliser chez vous, en toute discrétion, à votre rythme, selon votre sensibilité et vos envies, des photos qui vous ressemblent et qui respectent la personne que vous êtes.

Photo de boudoir avec mandy et vivien malagnat
Decorative Image

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