jambe et pieds de femme joueuse

During a Boudoir session, I don't photograph a model who knows how to pose, but an "ordinary" - and yet unique - person, who reveals herself and expects me to magnify her.

I take the time to get to know you, to know your tastes, your fears and your expectations. For me, it is essential to know how to listen to you and to communicate, to put you in confidence, to reassure you, and to help you. The more relaxed you are, the more you will express in front of the camera what you feel deep inside, and the more the pictures will reflect your emotions.

femme qui fait une séance boudoir sur un lit
Jeune femme lors d'une séance boudoir dans sa chambre

During the Boudoir session, I guide, I orient, but in no case I direct. Nothing is imposed, and there is very little staging or posing. I really see the session as a pleasant moment of sharing between the "model" who lets go of her feelings and the photographer who knows how to capture them at the right moment and in the best way. This is the key to get spontaneous photos that look like her.

Jambes de femme lors d'une séance boudoir

01. Makeup & Hairstyling

02. Where and how does the session take place?

I work with make-up artists and hairdressers who can travel. Nevertheless I recommend for my style of image "nudes" and discrete make-up in order to keep the natural and authentic side of my images.

I prefer that the Boudoir photo shoot takes place at the home of the person I am photographing, in her "nest". First of all, so that she feels comfortable in an environment she knows and appreciates, which is hers, the one she has created herself, but also because her "decor" is part of the shooting.

femme lascive sur lit boudoir limoges

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