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I made wedding photography my specialty. Wedding is an event that requires a special know-how in photography, and this goes far beyond pure technique. Of course, having high-performance equipment and mastering the technique is essential, because to be at ease and able to grasp the diversity of situations, without "missing" anything, you need to know how to handle ambiance photos, portraits, but also more solemn shots during the ceremonies. But this is far from being enough. For me, technique is only the pre-requisite to be able to concentrate on the emotions, those of the bride and groom first, and those of their guests. It is undoubtedly the "subject" that is at the heart of my approach as a photographer.



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Passionate and creative


Empathy & discretion


To always be on the lookout for a beautiful photo even after 8, 10 or 12 hours of work and to make each wedding a unique event.

To produce photos (or a video) which, put all together, will bring the day back to life for the bride and groom and their loved ones, revealing to them everything they haven't seen!

To best feel the different emotions of the day and be able to capture them without disrupting your day.

Know how to use your equipment in all conditions, be precise and stay focused. It also means knowing how to get along with other service providers throughout the day.

couple qui s'enlace au château d'oléron

When I prepare a wedding with a couple, I try to learn as much information as possible about them and how they imagine this day so special for them and their loved ones. I ask them a lot of questions: what are the words that define their couple, what are their little quirks, what do they like about their partner, what is their life project, how do they imagine their wedding, what are the highlights for them, who are the most important people, etc. I also ask them what are the most important things they want to do for their wedding day. This will allow me to be very close to them, in all senses of the word, to capture the moments that make the most sense to them and not miss THE picture, the one they are waiting for first. These exchanges will help me build trust between them and me so that everyone can play their part on the wedding day: on their side, they let me do my work in complete freedom and live their day to the fullest; on mine, I do everything I can to give them the best of this event.


The big day has (finally) arrived and I invite myself, with my equipment, to every moment of this day. During the preparations: hairstyling, make-up, dressing, speech rehearsal... During the ceremony(s), as my apparatus alternates between the speech given and the emotions provoked. Then during the vin d'honneur, a key moment of freedom that allows me to capture "stolen" moments, immortalizing the smiles of the bride and groom, the expressions of the guests, the children's games... And also during the meal, the first dance, the night of celebration. Nothing escapes me, I am interested in every detail: the dress of the lady, the gentleman's costume, the colours, the flowers, the decoration... And of course the gestures, the looks, the emotions, even the simplest and furtive ones. My performance does not fall within a predefined framework (even if preparation is essential), I work a lot on instinct. I have the ability to feel the atmosphere, to perceive when "things" are going to happen. This is, I think, my strength, my little "plus" as a photographer. Improvising means pressing the shutter release in a totally intuitive way, without looking for a perfect frame. That's what allows me to capture snapshots of life, to take a whole range of emotions. It's all about the moment, and there's only one take for maximum naturalness.





Mariée et sa mère pendant les préparatifs
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It's getting closer to what the bride and groom want to see from what they offer to my eyes and my camera, so that my photos look as much like them as possible. Only then do I feel I am being "fair" to them.