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Wedding photography has become my specialty. It's an event that requires a particular know-how in photography, and this goes far beyond the pure technique. Of course, having a good equipment and mastering the technique is essential, because in order to be at ease and able to capture the diversity of situations, the preparations, the emotions, the party, the friends, the family, the good atmosphere, the laughter, the colors, the decoration, my equipment must be an extension of my eyes. But, it is far from being enough. The technique is only the prerequisite to be able to concentrate on the emotions, those of the bride and groom first, and those of their guests. It is undoubtedly the "subject" that is at the heart of my approach as a photographer.

mariage au château du bois de sanzay

01. Empathy & discretion

02. Professional

03. storytelling

04. Passionate et creative

Pictures that express better than words your emotions and the festive atmosphere of this day. A set of natural photos, snapshots taken on the spot, beautiful images taken that tell the story of your wedding day so well.

Knowing how to use your equipment whatever the conditions, being precise and staying focused. It also means knowing how to get along with the other providers throughout the day.

Between choosing the style, the light and the perfect angle, I stay on the lookout for beautiful pictures all along the event. Portrait and landscape, natural and artificial light, everything alternates to capture the best moments of your day.

It is your story and the emotions that you transmit to me that I transcribe in photography. I listen to your expectations in order to produce images that resemble you, that speak about you.

Each couple is unique and has its own story and perception of a successful wedding ceremony. That's why I'm interested in you first, in what defines your universe, what makes you vibrate, what touches you and what looks like you. My goal is to become your "friend of the day" the one you trust to photograph your wedding. This approach also allows me to prepare the ground so that you feel comfortable in my presence. All you have to do is enjoy the day and let me work freely. This is the best way to get natural and authentic photos.

Couple qui passe un moment en forêt seuls pendant leur mariage

This will allow me, on the big day, to be very close to you and your guests, in every sense of the word, to capture the moments that make the most sense. The pre-wedding exchanges will help me to establish trust between us, so that each one can play its role on the wedding day: on your side, you let me do my work in all freedom and live their day to the fullest; on mine, I do my best to offer you the best of this event.

The big day has (finally) arrived and I invite myself, with my equipment, to every moment of this day. During the preparations: hair, make-up, dressing, rehearsal of the speeches... During the ceremony(s), while my camera alternates between the speech and the emotions provoked.

Then during the vin d'honneur, a key moment of freedom that allows me to capture "stolen" moments, immortalizing your smiles, taking portraits of your guests, the children's games... And also during the meal, the first dance, the night of the party. Nothing escapes me, I am interested in all the details: the dress of madam, the costume of Mr., the colors, the flowers, the decoration... And of course the gestures, the glances, the emotions, even the simplest and furtive

My performance does not fit into a predefined framework (even if preparation is essential), I work a lot by instinct. I have the ability to feel the atmosphere, to perceive when "things" will happen. This is, I think, my strength, my little "plus" as a photographer. Improvising means pressing the shutter in a totally intuitive way, not being afraid and daring to take pictures of everything. This is what allows me to capture snapshots of life, to take a whole range of emotions on the spot. Everything happens in the moment, and there is only one shot for maximum authenticity.

photograph your wedding is to be

part of

of your universe

in order to bring out

the best out of it

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It is to get closer to what the bride and groom want to see, to what they offer to my eyes and to my camera, so that my photos look like them as much as possible. Only then do I feel I am being "fair" to them.

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